Autodesk ForceEffect Flow

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仕事効率化 教育
開発者 Autodesk Inc.

Powerful 2D flow simulation software on your iPad with Autodesk® ForceEffect™ Flow. Create freehand concept designs or use object detection technology to instantly capture geometry from your environment, and then simulate the aerodynamic performance of your design with confidence. Quickly modify your geometry to explore design options and experiment with different visualization modes for optimal results viewing.

•Fast—Instant flow solving capabilities provide immediate feedback on the design performance. Print, email, or view a results report on any HTML-enabled browser or mobile device.
•Easy—Intuitive interaction for drawing, modifying and simulating concepts. Capture objects in your environment using edge detection technology.
•Complete—Visualization profiles include smoke, trail, vector and pressure.
•Integrated— Store, share and collaborate with Autodesk 360. Easy workflow continuation into CAD with industry-standard export capabilities via DXF™ files and email for file sharing.

The Autodesk ForceEffect Flow engineering app is the perfect tool for accurate 2D flow simulation analysis:
•Freehand sketching of elements and construction lines with snaps
•Object dimensioning, global scaling, units, constraints
•Import image as background, simple manipulation
•Capture objects in environment using object detection technology
•Adjustable velocity and simulation visualization modes include Smoke, Trail, Vector and Pressure
•Configurable display precision and length/velocity units
•Export snapshot of the simulation or record video to share with others
•Results reporting with picture, results and performance data
•Save and load files from Autodesk Cloud